Back Pain Relief Stretcher

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Back Pain Relief Stretcher

Are you often in back pain while bending, traveling or so?

Are you looking for pain relief things that will help with your lower back pain?

This Back Pain Relief Stretcher has been precisely developed to reduce stress and is excellent in treating discomfort caused by muscle spasms. Back Pain Relief Stretcher enhances and corrects your body posture.

Arch design can effectively support the back, acupuncture therapy for your back pain and discomfort, improves muscle flexibility, and stimulate blood circulation in the back.

It sticks to protect the spine and has a fixed belt design for back support and can be firmly fixed on the chair. You can get rid of back pain while you are sitting.

It’s made of high-quality, durable, non-slip, highly elastic TPR material with a soft NBR strip that gives support to the spine. It has hard, unbreakable, pressure-resistant ABS material. Its compact and portable design can be nicely put into the luggage.

It is designed with 88 massage projections that correspond to your body’s acupuncture points and massage your lower back while stretching.

Adjustable to 3 different positions, according to your different degree requirements.


Benefits of Back Pain Relief Stretcher:

Ease Back Pain, Improves Posture, Increase Motion Scope and Flexibility, and help to Relieve Chronic Back Pain

 With a Soft Rubber Mat in the Middle, Cushion impacts force and give your Waist Protection

 This machine is Small, Lightweight, and Equipped with a Multi-Level Back Stretching Device

 The Back stretcher is designed to Stretch Your Back, Easily, Safely, Affordable, and Enjoyable

 The Built-In Acupressure Points in our Back Pain Relief Stretcher provides Acupuncture-Style Massage to Release Tension in your Back Muscles and Relieve Stress

 The Arching Panel helps the Lower Back lumbar Disc to Decompress, the Spine Returns to its Natural Curvature and you feel Pain Relief

 Adjustable Design Accessible to all for an Easy Pain Relief Treatment at Home, suitable for Any Age or Fitness Level, an Absolute must-have for Athletes

How to Use:


  Dimension: 15.8 x 10 x 2 inches

  Design weight capacity: 110kg

  Load capacity: 200kg


Package Includes:

1x Back Pain Relief Stretcher

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